P3 Organizer

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Product Description

The TNR P3 (Power Plant Pouch) Organizer is a unique battery storage pouch that attaches directly to the leg sleeves of the Raven Wrap.  It has a single MOLLE strap attachment on the back therefor is not proprietary to the Raven Wrap and can be attached to anything with PALS webbing.  It opens and closes using a single G-hook silent clasp design, allowing the user to open and retrieve batteries without noise detection.


  • Houses:
    • 5 CR123 batteries or 3 CR123 batteries and a Vector battery
    • 10 CR2032 batteries
    • 4 AA or AAA batteries or a combination of both
    • Elastic panel to hold spare kit (ie: allen wrench for optics)
  • Retention lid keeps vertically stored batteries in place
  • jumpable with retention lid closed

100% Made in the U.S.A.