TNR Kestrel Pouch

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Product Description

The True North Raven Kestrel Pouch is pouch designed to be used while the Kestrel is stowed and prtected.  The unique clear face allows the user to claibrate his or her environmentals, reinsert the device back into the pouch and continue consulting the displayed data through the clear face.  

On the left side of the pouch is a full length sleeve that houses 2 spare AA batteries for onboard power management storage, along with elastic loops sewn in on the right side for pen, sharpie, chem light storage.  On the top left and right side, there are small loops for attaching the Kestrel lanyard for retention should the Kestrel be utilized outside of the pouch.  To top it off, the pouch is outfitted with a lid retention strap should the user need sucre retention beyond the hook and loop for long movement through adverse terrain, airborne operations or trainsport.  

Key Features:

-Cear face for in-pouch operation and use

-Hook and Loop lid

-On-board battery storage

-Pen/Sharpie/Chemlight storage

-Lanyard loops

-Retention Strap

-Single strap MOLLE attachment

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100% Made In The U.S.A

Berry Compliant